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About us

safasolutions is an avante garde software development company located in the hub of central London. Inherent with a vision of innovation, quality and performance, safasolutions magnum opus is its electronic next generation integrated touch-screen point of sale system. Our company is built on a fulcrum that exceeds EPOS expectations. With a large, dedicated team of developers, designers and field consultants, we at safasolutions work tirelessly on developing creative, feature-rich, user- friendly and affordable cutting edge solutions. Put simply, safasolutions considers itself standalone in a handful of companies in the UK that design and develop in-house own EPOS software

Focused initially on the fast food sector, our customer base is constantly expanding and now boasts diversity encompassing bars, night clubs, hotels and haute cuisine outlets. Irrespective of size or type of business, the blueprint EPOS software and equipment we supply will harness the growth and efficiency of your business. We provide our clients with the security and operational development framework they expect. Our products are unique to your business, sophisticated yet simple to use and maintain.

Since 1997 we have continuously invested in research and development ensuring safasolutions remains at the forefront of the fast evolving EPOS industry. We passionately believe that our research and development work accentuates the company’s mission statement – “to stride ahead and contribute to forward-thinking transformation of society through software development”. We remain steadfast that undertaken innovations will revolutionise the EPOS industry.